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Data di pubblicazione: 11/02/2021
Museo di Roma in Trastevere is temporarily closed for disinfection. Info: +39 060608 or  
Modalità d'ingresso nel Sistema Musei di Roma Capitale
Data di pubblicazione: 29/01/2021
The Municipal Museums of Rome re-open at the public from Monday to Friday (all schedules), with online purchase advice, respecting the health indications for the pandemic containment. HEALTH MEASURES IN ALL MUSEUMS:
Data di pubblicazione: 18/01/2021
The exhibitions and the services open at the public opening of the system of the Museums of Roma Capitale will be suspended according to the Prime Minister' resolution of 14 January 2021 and in order with the ordinance of the Ministry of Health published in the Italian Official Bulletin no. 12 of 16 January 2021.