Documentation centre

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The documentation centre gives access to video-terminals, to the multimedia archive of Multimedia Productions, and to the Data Bank of the Demos System Centre, created in collaboration with the Lazio area, with the aim of improving access to and experience of the demoethnoanthropological regional museums.

Multimedia Productions

The Multimedia Database of the Museum of Rome in Trastevere collects the video documentaries made in 1997 and now in the care of the office of Multimedia productions of the Superintendency of Cultural Assets of the Municipality of Rome. The video projects come from various fields, ranging from documentaries of exhibitions, concerts, restoration work and cultural events. All the videos are kept in the Museum Data Bank and can be consulted in high quality formats on request.

The Museum system of Demoethnography and anthropology of Lazio – DEMOS

The range of demoethnoanthropological museums in Lazio is continually evolving, thanks to the enhanced awareness shown by the Local Administrations in the construction of modern structures, fitting the standards of modern museological practice.
The DEMOS Museum System consists of 29 demoethnoanthropological museums, some public and some private, and two system centres situated near to the Museum of Rome in Trastevere and the National Museum of Art and Popular Traditions.
DEMOS is arranged in thematic areas, which focus on the specific nature, the emergence and the material realisation of peasant culture and popular traditions, whose values is increased through the institution of new, distinctively thematic centres. Naturally the system is open, the choice of museums is updated periodically and they are in the process of being made available on the web.
DEMOS, designed and created by the Lazio Region, offers visitors documentation areas on individual subjects and themes within the system. As part of its collaboration with the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome, the Museum in Trastevere itself provides audiovisual information on several museums.

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